Sunday, February 28, 2021

Info from N6TV on implementing CWSL on a Red Pitaya 122-16

 Everything you need to do is explained at the bottom of the CWSL_Tee web site:

But some of the links are broken, and you have to go down one level and click Download to actually get the links to the files.   Here are some direct links:

Important additional steps  In the SkimSrv2 folder:

Rename SkimSrv.exe to SkimSrv2.exe
Rename CWSL_Tee.dll to CWSL_Tee2.dll
Rename HermesIntf_xxxx.dll to HermestIntf_FFxx.dll 

Update CWSL_Tee.cfg:

To access either receiver with HDSDR, copy Extio_CWSL.dll to the HDSDR folder, and copy Extio_CWSL.dll to Extio_CWSL2.dll to access the second receiver.

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