Monday, April 12, 2010

New RBN Aggregator Telnet Feed Available Now

The Reverse Beacon Network ( has now made a
Telnet feed of the aggregated output of all currently active RBN Skimmer
receivers available in real time at port 7000 (that's not a clickable link - you'll need a telnet client, though your logging software will work just fine).

Thanks to Rick, K4TD, for making the server available, and to Felipe,
PY1NB and Nick, F5VIH for the programming effort.

No big deal, you say? Well, before you blow it off, take a look at the
flow of spots, even on a normal weekday. Run them through appropriate
filters (CCUser, etc.) to remove duplicates, restrict spots to your country, continent, or call area, or whatever, and use them to populate the bandmap of your favorite contest logging software. I think you'll be amazed.

This feed offers one huge advantage for contesters, because the RBN
spots *every* station it hears, not just the ones that someone,
somewhere thinks are worthy of being spotted. It is also listening on
all bands, all the time, at world-wide sites.

ONE CAUTION -- Precisely because it spots everything, usually multiple
times, it would be disastrous if someone were to feed the RBN Telnet
server into the normal DX cluster network. If this happens, the server
may have to be shut down, so *please* don't do it.

73, Pete N4ZR