Saturday, October 22, 2011

Men Working - Pardon Our Dust

You may have noticed in the last 10 days or so that the RBN has been down occasionally. Sometimes Skimmers can't connect, sometimes they connect but no spots flow, and sometimes the Telnet servers aren't working.

Alas, these are the inevitable side-effects of our efforts to make sure the RBN is reliable by the time the major CW contests come around. We're streamlining the database code and perfecting auto-restart functionality so that when the record loads we anticipate for CQWW CW and SS CW come online, we'll be able to handle them. The software guys are in two time-zones, and have to fit this around their real jobs, so we can't predict when these outages will occur.

If any software developers want to test their software against a simulated flow that is 50 percent above last fall's highest average, please contact me - and I'll turn on "the flood."

73, Pete N4ZR