Thursday, November 24, 2011


In a recent blog post explaining the features of the new Aggregator I asked operators of RBN Skimmers to set their Skimmer or Skimmer Server options (on the Telnet tab) so that Skimmer would pass all spots (not just CQ spots) to the Aggregator.  The intention of this was to enable spotting of beacons.  I also recently sent an e-mail to all Skimmer ops running less than current versions of the Aggregator, asking them to update.

Please ignore both of these requests, until after the high tide of contests this winterIf you have disabled "Post Only CQ Spots", please re-enable it. I had not considered how many people have lots of direct connections to their Skimmers' output, and if they disable the "Post Only CW Spots" option, those people will be getting all spots, not just CQs.  Moreover, just before CQWW CW and a flock of other major contests is a dumb time to try to update software.  Please leave well-enough alone!