Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Setting Up for CQWW CW

Looking ahead just a few days to the CQWW CW contest, don't forget to open up your CW Skimmer/Skimmer Server CW Segments to cover whatever bandwidth your computer can handle. 

The solution is in the CW Segments line of your SkimSrv.ini file.  As it comes from VE3NEA it reads:


Note, for example, that with these settings it won't decode anything above 14070 or between 7035 and 7045. The "factory" settings are intended to eliminate "false decodes" from RTTY and PSK signals, but there won't be much of that on the bands this weekend. If you leave it as is, you'll miss a lot of the CW activity in the contest.

The solution is pretty simple - set each segment to be continuous and cover the entire CW band (or as much as you can).  For example, make 10M 28000000-28200000 and 20M 14000000-14100000, so even if you use 192-KHz coverage, there will be no "dead zones."

See you on the RBN this weekend!

73, Pete N4ZR

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